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Gold Coast SEO & Digital Advertising Expertise

Real Results Through Hard-Hitting SEO Strategy

Get LIVE search engine ranking updates whenever you want them! These are genuine results from one of our ecommerce clients. This client has seen an average increase of 1,156 positions in Google search for over 125 of their chosen tracked keywords since we started together in January.

In April, this website held 10 of our tracked keywords in 1st, 2nd or 3rd position of Google Search.During the pandemic we were able to double the client’s retail sales, crushing our monthly sales target by 200%.

Creative, Sales-Driven Advertising

Every month we deliver live Advertising and SEO reports to our clients.

Here's a real-life example of genuine sales results from our Feb 2020 social media advertising efforts with one of our ecommerce clients.

Over the month of Feb (29 days), we earned this client over $31K in revenue through Facebook and Instagram advertising alone.

This was achieved with an ad spend of $854 - less than the $1K budget the client allowed for ads.

SEO Sneak Peek

By working with long established websites, our tried and tested SEO strategies are generally fast acting with high-yielding results!

Advertising Sneak Peek

These ads are set in robust prospecting campaigns, complimented by dynamic and traditional remarketing campaigns.

What our clients say about us

Our Services

Organic search
sales growth (SEO)

10 Years of SEO experience means by engaging with us, you WILL receive only the very best and latest search engine optimisation strategies.

We have perfected our No-BS Secret Recipe to Google Ranking Success over the years - which means the SEO strategies we employ are super efficient and consistently yielding positive results for literally every one of our clients. In fact, you should see Google ranking improvements in less than 6 weeks - so long as your website is technically sound.

Google & social
media advertising

Want ads that truly reflect your brand values and ideals? We’re not about reinventing the wheel here, but working with your ALREADY amazing content to make the perfect ads for your brand.

At Minds Combine we’ll carefully research your best posts, most engaging blogs, tone of voice, and other assets before creating your ads. Then we’ll use your own words and optimise them for advertising. This approach allows for a seamless, uninterrupted sales experience for your customers.

In-depth monthly
sales reports

You want sales. And we’re going to give them to you. Once a month we provide you with a straightforward and accurate report covering the volume of sales, cost per sale, and revenue stats from the month past so you can see EXACTLY how much money we’ve made your business.

The monthly report covers your best performing ads, any interesting strategy updates, a breakdown of your SEO ranking results and more. We also offer on-demand sales reports, available by request.

Tested copy
and design

Each ad and piece of content we create has a story behind it. Over the years, experience has taught us the kind of details engaged shoppers want to see and read in ads. We’ll make educated decisions on the tone of voice and imagery your customers want to see based on what the data tells us.

The content we create will always be relevant to your brand and to the changing world around us. We also offer engaging formatting tweaks such as Fancy Text and emojis depending on your preferences.

On-point audience targeting

Sure, just about anyone can write up a good-lookin’ ad. But how do you determine the best audiences to target?

There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to digital advertising. At Minds Combine almost 50% of our advertising time goes into developing strategy and finding the perfect audiences for your ads, then tweaking them constantly. Our diligent market research tactics help us to deliver inexpensive sales, and increasingly improve your ROI each month you stay on.

Innovative advertising strategies

Ads don't just sell themselves! For an ad campaign to truly work well, things like a working website, engaging images and catchy web content need to be aligned prior to the potential customer’s arrival.

When developing your weekly ad strategies, we’ll not only line you up with killer ads and effective audiences, but we’ll take into account your full marketing potential. This includes advising and improving your other assets to ensure the sales funnel is clear and simple for your customers.

Our Packages

Needs analysis will determine the suitable blueprint based on your ideal sales targets, client growth plan and conversion goals. All plans include daily ad account optimisation, regular reporting, conversion set-up & tracking.

take it.

Robust Sales-Driven Advertising Strategies for GAINS

This package includes:

  • Customised Strategies
  • Content that Sells
  • UX  Sales Pages
  • Ad Account Set-Up
  • Ad Creative Design (video, image)
  • Brand Appropriate Sales Copy

For use on platforms such as:

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • LinkedIn & Quora
  • Remarketing
  • App Advertising
  • Geofencing

keep it.

I got, I got loyalty

Get the full make it. Package PLUS full access to our SEO Strategist for:

  • On-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO Support
  • Off-Page SEO including Link Building, content marketing & more.

We’ll work with your team to ensure you’re not only getting new customers at the BEST price possible, but you’re retaining customers at an improved rate.

As a 100% custom package, the needs analysis will determine the suitable blueprint for you.

Meet your lead strategist

Gabriella Mitchell

An experienced and celebrated marketer, Gabriella brings a wealth of Advertising and Marketing knowledge to the talent pool of Minds Combine.

Her skills stretch beyond strategy and advertising wizardry. Working in multinational companies, million dollar ecommerce businesses and large franchise systems, Gabriella’s talents include:

  • Designing UX landing pages that SELL
  • Video and GIF strategy and production
  • Ad creative design and killer sales copywriting
  • Out-of-the-box sales strategies
  • Sneaky search engine optimisation tricks (honed in by almost a decade of practice) that can grow organic search sales exponentially
  • 🙅NEVER SAY DIE mentality

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